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Who is the best golf club grip provider?

Question by Chris: Who is the best golf club grip provider?
Golf Grip? Are there any other brands you recommend to use?

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Answer by alex
I recommend Golf Pride grips…always used them. great feel with the irons and around the greens. 😉

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4 Responses to “Who is the best golf club grip provider?”

  1. trcheckmate says:

    Golf Pride & Winn are the two biggest and most popular brands. They both make many many different models and are well represented on all the major golf tours. Winn generally seems to be a little softer than Golf Pride but both are great. Lamkin, Sharpro & UST are also in the mix but not as popular as GP & Winn.

    To RP R: You should do your research, they do make golf grips click here or copy & paste to check them out:

  2. Tom on Tour says:

    Give Iomic or Black Widow a try.

  3. Bob Barker says:

    Golf Pride is the number 1 grip on Tour. Many people use them but it is up to you. THe most common and used most often is GOlf Pride which you can get many different types of to fit what you are looking for. IF you do not like this one try Lambkin, Winn.

  4. ;klasghn says:

    Just go to the club house at the course you play at. They could probably re grip your club. In my mind a grips a grip.


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