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where can i get cheap golf balls?

Question by Robert K: where can i get cheap golf balls?
i just start to play golf,no idea where to find cheap golf balls, help 🙂

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Answer by Bball, Summer & Brady Quinn <
Department stores or most courses sell cheap ones that they find on the course.

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  1. Blue Rose says:

    kmart, walmart and most sporting goods stores
    you can also get used balls at driving ranges or par 3 courses

  2. SmartA$$ says:

    Look for “reload” balls at pretty much any place that sells golf balls. These are used balls that have been cleaned and checked to make sure they’re still in good shape. You can typically get good quality balls for half the price of new ones.

    Another good option is to just look in the pro-shop at any course. Most courses collect balls that their greens keepers find and they sell them pretty cheap. Usually there is a big bucket you can sort through and pick the ones you want for like 50 cents per ball or sometimes like $ 5 per dozen.

    Another good option is to just golf during the slow times when the course isn’t busy. Then on every hole, take your time, tromp around in the woods and look for lost balls. On a busy day when there are other groups waiting behind you, its expected that if you hit a ball into the woods you just leave it, drop a new one and keep moving. That means that when its not busy there are plenty of free balls to be found. Use an old iron to whack through the bushes & grass to look. My Dad and I did this for years and never had to buy golf balls despite the fact that we both lost balls regularly. A typically 18 hole round for us meant loosing about 10 balls but finding about 15-20 others.

  3. Rory says:

    The absolute best places to get cheap golf balls is on the internet. There are a couple of places were you can get ‘one-hit-wonders’ (they were hit into a lake) for pennies on the dollar.

    I believe that it is helpful to hit the same make of ball to make your golf swing consistent. You can get exactly the ball you want from these places. At a pro shop you’ll get a mess of different kinds. You also need to match the ball to your ability and swing. WalMart will not help you.

  4. Mark says:

    I am a lazy guy, amazon store is my favorite lazy store here. And it is trust full too. But not the cheapest in my opinion.


  5. Drive for show says:

    Check out craigslist on line under sporting goods, or do what I do, look for them on the course. i have’t bought balls in 10 years and i play like new Pro V’s

  6. Scratch Golfer says:

    On the net:, dr.mulligans used golf balls are probably two of the cheapest. Also get a golf ball retriever and use it around shallow water to look for balls. The deep rough is a great place to look for balls on courses as many people are too lazy/impatient to search for them.

  7. Denmann says:

  8. Super Sniffer says:

    the range or on the course just make sure no other golfers are around so u can make sure it is a lost ball not one thats in play


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