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What jetta is the same as a golf 2000 gld?

Question by mini: What jetta is the same as a golf 2000 gld?
I crashed my car. The front bumper and my hood has a dent . My car is 2000 golf vw a mechanic tells me if i find the parts he’ll but them on cheap.. But i had no luck finding any golfs but there full of jettas. I know there a bit similar but i dont know what jetta to go by with.

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Answer by Gophuk Yerselv
If I remember correctly, the Jetta and Golf use the same chassis…. They are practically the same car except one is a sedan while the other is a hatchback.

The whole front end should be the same parts. It shouldn’t matter the trim line (GL GLS GLX) as those don’t affect body parts. Basically the difference is interior options and possibly wheels. For example the GL is the base model, nothing fancy, steel wheels etc where as the GLX is the loaded version with leather, moonroof, alloy wheels blah blah blah.

Short story: any Jetta parts from the same model year should work just fine for the front end of a Golf.

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  1. E says:

    If you are in the US, there is a cross-match book and online database called the Hollander Interchange Manual. Just as the name implies, it lists parts that fit corporate twins. Auto wrecking yards aka Pic’n’pull yards have these and can answer your question definitively and tell you if their inventory includes any vehicles that match your needs. I don’t know what there is for Canadian or UK versions. My experience with Hollander is in the USA.

    Here is a link. As a private party you must pay and subscribe to gain access to the info you seek:


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