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What is harder: baseball or golf?

Question by pichu: What is harder: baseball or golf?
I have played both and I have found that baseball is much harder than golf.

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Answer by Nesreen
It Depends,
If you think running is hard, you’ll find Baseball is harder.
If you think aiming is hard, you’ll find Golf is hard.

In my opinion, Golf is harder!

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5 Responses to “What is harder: baseball or golf?”

  1. alexandre says:

    i dont know of any other sports that when your average is .333 your on top of the ligue,so yes baseball is very though but go out and try to beat tiger woods,sounds pretty tough to me too….

    i guess whatever you feel is easier is the answer,personnaly i say golf

  2. Anthony T says:

    Golf is a much more challenging sports when it comes to skill and the ability to be patient…
    Baseball is harder on the body but from a skill aspect is a lot less challenging..

    I would say Golf all in all

  3. greengoose says:

    definatly golf. Golf is considered one of the hardests sports to play

  4. thelau says:

    Really? Standing or sitting around for most of the game is harder than golf?

  5. John F says:

    They are probably the two most difficult sports to play. But they are inherently different.

    Golf is an individual sport. Everything that happens during my round of golf is the direct result of my actions.

    Baseball is a team sport. I can go 5 for 5, but I still need my teammates to contribute in order to win the game.

    Baseball has a defensive side also. Someone on the other team may hit a long line drive to the gap, but our centerfielder might make a spectacular diving catch. I can’t block my opponent’s putt in golf.

    On the other hand, there are no do-overs in golf. In baseball, you can swing and miss twice. Then even if you barely touch the ball and foul it in the dirt, you get another chance.

    In golf, whether you hit it straight down the middle or 20 yards deep into the woods, you have to play it as it lies.

    There are no sand traps or water hazards in baseball. But the ball isn’t moving 90 miles an hour in golf.

    Both games have more than their share of funny bounces. In both games, strategy is very important. In both, you can be a superstar one day and a total chump the next day.


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