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What effect will the Tiger Woods scandal have on the sport of Golf?

Question by Variant7: What effect will the Tiger Woods scandal have on the sport of Golf?
The Kobe Bryant scandal and the Michael Vick scandal didn’t really affect the image of the sports of basketball and football, respectively – their actions brought repercussions on themselves at a personal level.

But golf is different than those sports – it has more of a gentlemanly and classy image. So, will this Tiger Woods scandal bring down the sport of golf in a way? Or, do you think that it’ll be the same as Kobe and Vick scandals, in that it won’t affect the image of the sport of golf?

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Answer by M
Basketball and football fans will actually watch golf now. So, it will increase viewership

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21 Responses to “What effect will the Tiger Woods scandal have on the sport of Golf?”

  1. muffin says:

    I don’t think it will have any affect on the game of golf in the least. Unfortunately Tiger may be treated differently for awhile. By that I mean other golfers will – keep thier eyes on thier wives more than they did before. Sad but true. Tiger will have more inter-active problems – the game will continue.

  2. warrior says:

    Like Mark Twain said, I view golf as the ruination of a good walk. I can live with or without Tiger Woods and golf… But, the sport of golf is much stronger than Tiger Woods ever was… Tiger? Ha!!!

  3. Pookie to some says:

    Make it cooler.

  4. digitaldave56 says:


  5. Jason G says:

    None whatsoever. What golfers need to concern themselves with is how Tiger will perform on the course next year. He will find solace at the one thing everyone knows he loves and that is golf. You thought this year was great on the course. Look out next year!

  6. Noneyanewbe says:


  7. Phoenix Trite says:

    Golf has its traditions, but America is still America. It’s still a forgiving country over time and as soon as Tiger makes his first birdie, all will be forgotten. People need to stop looking up to athletes anyway. I don’t know why people are always surprised when people find out they aren’t any different(behavior wise) than us.

  8. Each Hit says:

    I don’t think his scandal will bring down the gentleman’s game of golf. I do however think it will bring down Tiger Woods. No one likes a liar, cheat or scumbag.

  9. jack says:

    nope,Tiger may be treated differently for awhile. By that I mean other golfers will – keep thier eyes on thier wives more than they did before.

  10. hooklinesinker says:

    You look around and see all these golf jokes about holes, putter, wood, and iron being posted in this very section, then you make the call yourself.

  11. J. Paddy says:

    Kobe was charged with a felony, Statutory rape and Vick was charged with animal cruelty and abuse which is also a felony charge. All what happened here for Tiger was an accident. A bizarre one but an accident nonetheless. It has got people talking, but even an affair wouldn’t be that disastrous career wise.

    They checked his alcohol levels and realised that it wasn’t DUI so they issued a ticket for reckless driving since he wouldn’t co-operate with the police. I think it’s all about the sport. I think that is what the sponsors care about. Kobe lost deals but has got new ones now. As long as his performance levels are high, he should be okay

  12. Maria says:

    It should have none.. he is not the first golfer to have had an affair….it is just the media is hounding him because he is so famous.. and of course because he is partially black…good old media.. try so hard to look fair.. but here they are proving their racism once again.. nice going!

  13. Lee Lee says:

    Well for now it wont this will blow over like verything else people will forget and still love him its all about the hype right now

  14. Ben Linus says:

    It won’t have any effect on Golf unless Tiger stops winning because of it.

    If Tiger stops winning though, Golf broadcast ratings are going to tank like they do every time Tiger doesn’t play in a tournament.

  15. For ever in my Heart says:

    will absolutely do nothing guaranteed

  16. The Heckler says:

    Tiger Woods can learn from Michael Jordan. First, he needs to quit golf, but then a year later come back. Then he needs to quit again, try to play hockey, and after that fails play golf again with a different sponsor

  17. stickyfingers says:

    without tiger in the world of golf, it’s pointless.
    remember back in ’08 when he took time off and viewing revenues fell by 46%?
    we might not like the fact he’s a cheating husband and father but he’s one heck of a golf player

  18. Lilymarie4 says:

    I think people seem to be pretty upset about the way he acted. My friend showed me a website called, where people have started to petition. I don’t think golf will suffer though, golfers are classy dudes, they will be okay.

  19. william says:

    Tiger Woods just got caught fooling around… no big deal.
    Kobe Bryant got off scott free from a rape charge… but maybe he as set-up.
    Michael Vick is a cold blooded killer… and should have never been allowed back in the NFL.

  20. emiynu says:

    no…Tiger Woods isn’t golf. True, he may be the best in the game, and the only player average people (who do not follow golf) associate with the sport, but no, this won’t affect it at all.
    and classy? if this were true, John Daly should’ve ruined the image of golf years ago!

  21. Ladyhawke says:

    We’ll see. I think it’ll be up to the media as to how Tiger is perceived after this scandal.


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