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What clubs should a beginner in golf start to learn with. The woods or the irons.?

Question by r8ers2002: What clubs should a beginner in golf start to learn with. The woods or the irons.?
Which are more effective in a round of golf, woods or irons?

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Answer by shopaholic
Start with the short irons. Your golf game has got to start with the short game. Putter, wedge, then 7 through 9. No short game, no low score.

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11 Responses to “What clubs should a beginner in golf start to learn with. The woods or the irons.?”

  1. Ali says:

    irons are usually for shoter distance therefore the club is shorter making it easy to swing.. a seven iron is the ideal club for a beginer 9 hole course if youve got a nice swing..

    a wood goes longer distances and is much more difficult to you.
    pitching wedge is for chipping and off course the putter for putting.

  2. older says:

    if you are just starting you dont need a full set of clubs and you dont need expensive clubs. –a starter set would be an in -expensive—3-5-7-9 iron and a 3 wood and mabe a driver—-practice–practice—practice—take a lesson or two so you won’t be practicing the wrong way.—talk to the pro a the pro shop at the course

  3. hello my name is says:

    irons are great to start with, your short game is what is the most important.

  4. Roger M says:

    A 6 or 7 iron would be the best IMO, they will give you help getting the ball in the air, but will also show you when you don’t hit it right

  5. Cris G says:

    I Just started last summer and no doubt that the short game is important! Irons is a must and the best way to learn them is at a range or at a 3 par golf course, if you have them in your area. Don’t give up-keep practicing- Goodluck!

  6. t1dude says:

    Unquestionably, start with the putter. This is what Tiger Woods’ father did with Tiger. He started with the putter on the green and he was not allowed to try the other clubs until he mastered the putter. After that, started with the lofted Irons (wedges, 9 iron, 8 iron) and had nim learn to chip and pitch shots around the green. As he mastered those, Tiger’s dad gradually progressed to longer and longer clubs.

    As far as the most effective club in a round of golf… again, unquestionably, the putter. Golf is designed to hit 2 putts on every hole to shoot even par. That’s 36 strokes with the putter. No other club would even come close. The maximum number of times you wll ever hit your driver is 14, and you will go entire rounds without hitting certain irons.

  7. bmwming says:


    And for someone who had never touch a golf and want to try if the game is meant for him/her, then 7 Iron is the best club in the bag for the person to try. Also for learning the game as a first timer, 7 Iron is the best club for the guy to learn the golf swing.

  8. Grant C says:

    you know what they say…or mabye you don’t because your new to golf, but drive for show and putt for dough.

    start with chipping and putting. if you can put the ball on the fairway with your driver, with some distance, you’ll be fine.

  9. ee_keat says:

    i tried 8 irons for few months feel nothing improvements.
    so few days ago i tried driver.
    it is very fun when u hit with the driver,cause u get the distance.
    for me iron is the most hardest!
    driver is easy!

  10. Richard Gao says:

    To start with, you should start with the short iron PW and moving progressively to longer ones, not exceeding 6 iron. Leave the long irons alone for now. For a couple of weeks, once you develop relatively consistent, smooth and rythmic swing, you’re ready to swing the longer irons and the woods.

    Most mistakes made by beginners trying to learn golf, is that they take out the driver, and try to swing for the cheap seats, this will have long term negative effects to your golf game. First it may give you injury, second, you will train your body to make bad compensations, like manipulating your wrists, take away, scooping, etc. It took me a lot of effort to get out o f my bad habits that I picked up simply by swinging without proper instructions.

    And take lessons.

    Second answer, is irons. Having a good iron play + short game around the greens most of the time allows you to save par. 20 yards difference of your tee shot does not matter as much as 20 yards difference around the green. Around the green 20 yards can mean you’re in the bunker, or water.

  11. emt_dragon339 says:

    I would begin with the putter…more than half your strokes in the beginning will be on the putting green. But I would also start with a 6-7 iron, and get the fundamentals down pact, grip. stance, balance….you really only need to learn one basic swing for all your clubs, as you learn you can tend to change it slightly for different clubs and different shots.


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