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What are the best places to golf in San Diego county?

Question by J G: What are the best places to golf in San Diego county?
I recently moved to San Diego with my boyfriend. My boyfriend loves to golf and I would like to know about the different golf courses/centers in the area. It is almost his birthday and I would like to surprise him with some type of golfing excursion or golfing gift certificates. Do you have any ideas as to where/what I can give him?

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Answer by deshane2530
Go to a nice resort. Have Fun!!

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  1. manda says:

    torrey pines golf corse in la jolla but it’s high class and expensive but i’d look in to it and ask about a one day special ….can’t hurt to ask. but there are a few others in north county by carlsbad i don’t know their names though

  2. Radical Geezer says:

    You have something like 82 golf courses to choose from in the county and you can’t go too far wrong. The ones people from all over the country travel here to play are:

    Torrey Pines – the only public course on the professional circuit. If a golfer plays one course in San Diego (or in California for that matter) in his/her lifetime, it will be Torrey Pines.

    Steele Canyon – a newer course out past El Cajon, but people travel from all over to play it.

    The Aviara golf course in Carlsbad – Adjoining the Four Seasons Aviara, another very popular course.

    The golf course at the Rancho Bernardo Inn in Rancho Bernardo – another course people travel from all over to play.

    Riverwalk in Mission Valley – the closest to downtown and a good bet if cost is a factor.

    …but like I said, it’s hard to go wrong and you have tons of choices. If you’re having a hard time securing a tee time for Torrey Pines, call The Lodge at Torrey Pines and ask the concierge. If they can’t help you, ask them about ticket brokers – there are a couple who buy up open tee times at some of these courses and resell them.

  3. jimbob92065 says:

    Torrey is the most famous, plus it’s not expensive if you’re a resident, since its technically a municiple course.
    Steele Canyon is a biatch, he better have no more than a 18 handicap
    Jeez theres gotta be like 100 courses around here. They used to have a Golf Map for the SD area, sold in some pro shops. Help to know what area ur in also…

  4. San Diego is my home says:

    If his a pro take him to torrey pines… because if he is not then he will be looking like an idiot. there are soo many golf courses and most of them you will need to reserve in advance if you want to get it in a reasonable price. but san diego has alot of nice golf courses..
    good luck.

  5. mariel953 says:

    Torrey Pines. But it’s expensive unless you’re a resident of San Diego.

  6. majik says:

    Barona golf course (at Barona Resort/Casino) is one of the prettiest and most challenging courses in San Diego. It might be hot in the summer. Torrey Pines is always nice. He’ll need a resident card to get a great discount. He should walk on as a single (or at most with 1 other friend) around mid-day if you can’t get a tee time.

  7. giancv53 says:

    The best place to golf in sunny San Diego, CA is Barona Valley Ranch Resort. Torrey Pines, La Jolla. Sycuan Resort and Casino.
    Go to the wedsites. Good Luck.

  8. endosmoka says:

    Torrey Pines and la Costa


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