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What are some good schools for golf?

Question by kevmac04: What are some good schools for golf?
I am in high school and am looking to play golf in college. I shoot mid 80’s. what are some good schools that would fit my handicap? any advice?

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Answer by blankstareman
Dav Pelz’s golf school. Its pricey but worth it.

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  1. Flatstick says:

    Your game is not up to playing competitively in Division I, but you could probably make the team at a smaller private Division III school and have a lot of fun doing it. Going south allows for a longer season. Try the ACM like Ripon, Lawrence, Beloit, Carthage, Monmouth, St. Olaf those size schools.

  2. lilcoggins says:

    If you would like to play golf in college, you might wanna try shooting in the mid 60’s low 70’s…… Just a suggestion

  3. cdc says:

    Depends on where you live, but in order to play for a D1, D2, or even D3 school, you really need to get better. If you live in Cali, then any of the CSU’s would be ok for you. Other than that, my suggestion would be to play for a community college first, get better, and then try to play for a D1 school. Thats what many players are having to do because scholarships are becoming less abundant.

    Side Note:
    This is what I had to do, I play for a D1 school and I average 71.1. Just some extra info…

  4. =] says:

    (i am assuming you are a guy.) well mid 80’s will not get you in a divison 1 school. you need to play in the state tournament to get noticed by divison 1 colleges. send some info to divison 2 & 3 coaches. send a video of your swing send and send the coaches letters stating why you would like to play golf at their college. also include some of your top preformences in tournaments. mens golf is getting more and more competitive. to play divison 1 mens golf you should be shootings the low 70’s mid 70’s consistantly. good luck.


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