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What are mens golf shorts?


Question by Keith U: What are mens golf shorts?
What is the difference between regular shorts and golf shorts? Why are some shorts advertised as “golf shorts” and others that look exactly the same are just “shorts”?

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Answer by Tom on Tour
Pockets and price. Waist line hem on most high priced golf shorts will have a “no slip strip” preventing your tucked in shirt from coming out while swinging the club.

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  1. Simon says:

    The only real difference is that all Golf shorts are tailored, this means that most clubs will allow them, saying this I would check the colour of the socks that must be worn with them.
    A member at my club had to buy white socks as he was wearing blue.

  2. gwynjones17 says:

    mens golf shorts look stupid on men but look very good on women.


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