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what all is needed to drive a golf cart in town?

Question by Joe Cool: what all is needed to drive a golf cart in town?
I live in a small town of about 500 and there are more golf carts then cars. Do golf carts need insurance,plates, and tags to be legal or just the orange triangel sign that i see on the back?

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Answer by Extreme
depends on you live I live in Peachtree city home of all the golf carts. Here you must register get a tag, and be at least 15 to drive. Insurance is not required but recommended.

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  1. B says:

    stop someone driving a golf cart and ask them, or call your local police department and ask them

  2. july11_rip_onion says:

    If it’s a town of about 500, then I would just not behave in unpredictable ways/badly while driving. Don’t drive like a moron, pull over and let cars pass, etc and it shouldn’t be a problem. Markers, by reflective tape packages sold in many stores, should be put on your cart. And one of those slow moving vehicle (orange triangle) signs is probably a very smart if not required thing to have.

  3. jon_wayne89 says:


  4. lschleichardt says:

    easy way to find out is call the sheriffs office and ask


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