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Q&A: What was your worst experience at a golf course?

Question by Rob: What was your worst experience at a golf course?
I have mine. Too worst that I wouldn’t come again to that golf course. What’s your worst experience at a golf course that you think that course just sux.

Best answer:

Answer by Beef Jerky! <3
I was playing mini golf, and my crush was there! So, like an idiot, I tried to show off by making a perfect shot, and I hit the ball so hard that it hit my crushes mother in the face! Ouch! :]

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9 Responses to “Q&A: What was your worst experience at a golf course?”

  1. Awesome says:

    i fell in the watah

  2. Rainbows_R_4Love says:

    i was like 15 and my uncle let me drive the golf cart (even tho i never drove ne thing before) and i crashed it into a tree… luckly now im 17 and now i have my temps lol

  3. dmartin2214 says:

    My best friend’s Dad who was about 45 years old at the time simply dropped dead of a heart attack while my friend was putting on the 18th hole……this was definitely my worst experience on a golf course.

  4. drice8001 says:

    I officiated at a Nike tour event. Olin Browne (all time butt head ) told me he was going to kick my ass because of a ruling.
    PS I was correct.

  5. Jeff says:

    Oh, well, as long as i am reminded of it, i might as well share.

    I was playing a course in the San Diego area with my brother, who can, at times, be compared to an angry donald duck on the links.

    This course was lined with houses and a wrought iron fence. On one dogleg left, i hit first. 225 to the corner of the turn. I put a high, gentle draw on a 5 iron and left it ten feet from the outside edge with the wrought iron fence just past the corner. Beautiful!

    My brother hit three balls off that tee before i teed off. He drove over to find his ball that stayed in, and, with about 240 to the pin, I walked to my ball with my Hogan hybrid. Love that club…three shafts later!

    My brother hit a pretty nice shot to about 150 from the pin, middle of the fairway. I gave him the thumbs up, and he headed toward me to pick me up.

    At this point, I am imparting second hand knowledge to you.

    I adressed the ball, and took the club head away, and apparently fell to the ground…out cold.

    My brother ran over franticly. Next to my bleeding cranium was a Pinnacle(not even a Titleist!), which contained the message, “Nice shot, f@cker!”

    I came to, and my brother told me what happened. I shook it off, and got very angry.

    Here is the problem. This wrought iron fence continues ALL THE WAY around the course to the turn. And a golf cart only goes so fast.

    Ever been mad and in a hurry in a golf cart? You definitely start out ready to beat someone’s you-know-what, and by the time you are halfway there, you are looking for the bar, and a reason to noy laugh on the way to battle!

    While I am certain it is quite comical to the spectator, I can tell you it is exasperating, to say the least!

    After the long journey around, and the debate over which house the ball came from. I was debating the origination of a ball I did not see coming…nice. We finally confirmed the house. We walked up, and rang the doorbell. No answer.

    We knocked politely. No answer. We knocked some more. No answer, but i could hear someone moving around in there. So I started pounding No answer.

    I pulled out my phone and did a reverse phone number look up. I paid to do this!

    Now, i am not going anywhere. My next call is to the police, and to my surprise…a kid answers the phone. I ask for the owner of the home. Not home. I ask for the kid’s mom or dad. Not home.

    Finally the police arrive. This is when I found my brother’s Titleist in the back yard with the other 300 golf balls. And, two minutes later, the parents arrive.

    They did not let me hit a 2iron at him duct taped to the wrought iron fence, as i fantasized in between knocking on the door. They did not ask if I wanted to take the incourageable kid, and “make him work it off”.

    No, all i got was an insincere, coaxed “sorry, dude”, and a flippant “there, are you happy?” from the father of this future Padres outfielder who nailed me from 75 feet away.

    My brother did buy me a couple of guinesses at the field, but I havent been back to that course, and i no longer turn my back on any of my brother’s errant tee shots.

    I guess that is a typical day in the life on the turn of a dogleg in San Diego.

  6. Sam says:

    ok say i work as cart attendant/ summer security, well i was making the turn and the 10 hole has water, guess what i found swimming in the pond, to teenage boys in their boxers, swimming in rubber boats, so i told them to get out and they both dropped their pants and then ran! they were caught by police. 🙂 and i haven’t seen them on the course since.

  7. betotron says:

    I got hit 30 yards out from tee at wing park, ELGIN IL

  8. green_lantern66 says:

    It’s never been the course, it’s the persons I’ve golfed with for me. I’m not a fan of the ones that drink too much and become belligerent, or the ones that think they’re ready for the PGA Tour yet can’t break 90- they also seem to be the type that’s REALLY good at counting your strokes, but always seem to misplace some of there’s…

  9. Dave says:

    One round I played at a local dinky course our foursome was told nearly a half dozen times by an old course manager to “keep up the pace”. Not only were we literally waiting on the group ahead of us for the entire round, but the next group was 3 full holes behind us. That group ened up hitting the course manager’s golf cart with a terrible shot onto the opposite fairway….and somehow he had enough time to nag us about pace repeatedly.


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