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Q&A: What does an engineer at a golf?

Question by Golfgirl: What does an engineer at a golf?
golf club head company do and what type of engineer?

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Answer by x-15a2
Golf head design requires disciplines in design, materials, structure, balance, etc. To be a top club engineer (designer) requires many engineering skills and abilities. It is typically a position that one grows into over many years of experience, rather than starting out as a designer.

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  1. toughnottobeacynic says:

    x-15a2 – why didn’t you respond to the “home of golf” question. Isn’t that your back yard?

  2. Vegas Matt says:

    I’ve never looked into it, but I’d imagine golf club companies employ manufacturing (or industrial) engineers at their factories to run the plant and design new manufacturing methods. They would probably employ mostly mechanical and materials engineers to work on the R&D of clubhead shapes and materials.

  3. A says:

    physics majors


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