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Q&A: How should I organize my golf bag?

Question by James and J: How should I organize my golf bag?
I have a new set of clubs, and I am new to the game.

The set is complete, but I have no idea how they should be organized in my golf bag.

Can anyone offer any tips on the best way to store them, grouped so they won’t damage eachother?

Many thanks.

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Answer by ???///???
A lot has to do with what type of bag you have (how many dividers it has) you can purchase these plastic tube you insert in the bag so that when you put the clubs in the bag they don’t get all tangled up.
What i did was buy a golf bag that has a divider for every club, but make sure that the divider goes all the way down to the bottom of the bag so that the shafts don’t hit each other.

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7 Responses to “Q&A: How should I organize my golf bag?”

  1. knh959 says:

    Actually, whatever works for you is fine. Are you planning on carrying your bag while you walk? Do you plan on using a pull cart? Will you be riding in a power cart? If you’re carrying, place your longer clubs (driver/fairway woods) so that they’re closestto the ground when the bag is on your back. If you’re using a pull cart, it depends on the design of the cart. You might want the longer clubs placed so that they’re closest to the cart or you might want them the other way around with the longer clubs furthest from the frame of the cart. If you plan on mainly using a power cart put your longer clubs to one side or the other, (left or right side) and your shorter irons and putter on the other side.

  2. texritter95 says:

    u should put them in an order that u like to use them

  3. googie says:

    When the bag is laid on the ground with the strap on top of the bag the top compartment is for your woods. The middle section will most likely have a separator making 2 compartments. Put your hybrids or 4,5,6 irons in one and the 7,8 and 9 irons in the other. The lowest third of the bag also has a separator where you will place the PW and SW on one side and the short wedge and putter in the other. Make sure you have no more than 14 clubs in total.

  4. Phat mullet says:

    Just do whatever you want, its really up to you, but normally people put them in order like, 9-8-7-6-5-4-3 etc. To keep them from getting damaged, buy some head covers from your local golf shop.
    I just do whatever because I am lazy =]

  5. Ryilli says:

    Woods and putter in the top section. Left center – 3, 4, 5 irons, right center – 6, 7, 8. bottom left – 8, 9, bottome right – wedges. You’re putting the most clubs in the widest sections, at least in standard golf bags. You can also glance down at your bag and know if you left your wedge next to the green!

  6. crystalchan008 says:

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  7. tom a says:

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