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Q&A: Golf partners in South Carolina?

Question by Michael J: Golf partners in South Carolina?
Does anyone know of a good way or place to meet golf partners? I live in Columbia, but will travel some to play golf. Are there any golf leagues/groups/clubs to join?

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Answer by googie
What works in Florida should work in South Carolina. We usually spend two months in FL. The golfing group at the condo complex has either died, become infirmed or gone to other places. Call a public facility, say you are a single looking for a game around a designated time, do they have an opening. More often than not, the facility will accomodate you and you meet up with some very interesting people.

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  1. Nacho Libre says:

    join this group on Linkedin – it just started, but is going to grow rapidly and is meant to help people find golf partners. Its called Find a Foursome…..

    See you on the course.


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