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Q&A: Golf or Tennis…….?

Question by melv: Golf or Tennis…….?
Which one is harder to learn and which one is the most enerjectic bearing in mind that golf requires to walk sometimes over 7,500 yards on an 18 hole course.

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Answer by Acoustic HIStory

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12 Responses to “Q&A: Golf or Tennis…….?”

  1. Elle says:

    I’d say golf is harder to learn but tennis is more energetic.

  2. ☠☆Malco☆☠™ says:

    Golf but i like Tennis better win more money’ well today i did mate”?

  3. GMP says:

    golf, is harder but i think tennis takes more energy
    i like both very much

  4. Jendiya says:

    golf is harder, professionals practice 4 hours a day and still take lessons.

  5. ♥l0v3d by m@ny♥ says:


  6. Xavier says:

    Tennis takes real skill. Yes, golf requires distances of over 7,500 yards, but thats what they made golf karts for. You need to be strong physically and mentally for Tennis and you need more hand-to-eye coordination for a ball thats curving/flying your way than a ball at your toes at a stand-still. Almost everything you do in golf, (key words “ALMOST”) you also do in Tennis but at double the speed (swinging, aiming, where you want the ball to go, etc.)

  7. naebles says:

    Hands down, Golf is harder to learn, but doesn’t require much physical activity – sheer strength doesn’t mean longer drives

    Tennis requires more energy and endurance

  8. Quizard says:

    Both though I was almost county standard when playing tennis. the short game in golf was pretty good but I could never get that tee shot right.

  9. Metalchick ★ says:

    tennis i love it what a match today Federer won woo hoo~]

  10. remoserjr107 says:

    Golf for Me, although both are great exercise….!!

  11. ZsaZsa Galore says:

    Golf is harder… I much prefer to play tennis myself.

  12. HDrider says:

    Id rather go fishing………..


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