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Q&A: Golf Dress Code? And Golf Tips?

Question by RidesWithTheWind: Golf Dress Code? And Golf Tips?
Im going on a date with a guy and this will be my first time going to a golf course. He said he’ll help me with my golfing but i still want some tips. i have no idea what to wear, what not to wear and were i can get these clothes. And if this date goes well then i’ll probley do it more with him. So i want them to last. And do you need golf shoes at every golf course?i also dont want to get a outfit that will make me look ugly.
and i want some good tips to try to not embarsse myself in front of him. if thats even possible

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Answer by Matt
Most of the time the golf course dress code is on their website but most have the same principal. No jeans, Collared shirts that have tasteful logos on it. Some courses require you to wear golf shoes with soft spikes and by soft i mean not metal spikes. Thats about it, khaki shorts or pants are good to wear also.

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  1. juvy says:

    Here’s what i have found out from

    Women (all ages)
    Conservative, tailored slacks, golf skirts, shorts
    Socks should be knee high or no more than two inches above the ankle
    Proper soft-spike golf shoes

    Prohibited dress
    Denim apparel in all colours
    Racer backs, tank tops or halters
    Front of shirt must not descend below the collar bone
    Bare midriffs in standing position
    Large or in discrete logos are not acceptable
    Cargo pants with buckles and ties
    Stirrup pants
    Warm-up suits
    Pull-on drawstring shorts/slacks
    Skirts/shorts that are more than five inches above the knee or less than 18 inches when measured from the bottom of the waistband.
    Hats worn backwards

  2. GBeck says:

    If you are first time golfer, you are going to have problems. Everyone has been there, even your new date.

    Wear some nice shorts or slacks and a shirt with a collar and you should be fine. Shorts should not be too short and be sure your midriff is covered. Polos work well. Golf shoes are not necessary.

  3. nkf711 says:

    Get a nice golf shirt, adidas or nike, it will be about 40-50. Then you may want to go with a nice skirt, (They actually make golf skirts) or shorts (mid thigh). and a visor or cap. Don’t worry about the buying the shoes yet (That may look a bit over anxious to the guy, he knows you don’t play and would have no reason to buy shoes) Just wear tennis shoes and ankle socks. You can buy golf shoes if get into the game a little more.

    You might want to look up images of Natile Gulbis on the net. She dresses very ncely for a female golfer.

    have fun

  4. Eric B says:

    Personally I don’t think your going to want to dress like Natalie Gulbis otherwise you might be sending the wrong message to your date that your easy. Those micro-mini golf skirts that some of the LPGA Pro’s wear, like Natalie, aren’t what I consider proper golf attire and its very difficult to take that person seriously as a golfer. I’d wear something comfortable, classy and conservative.

  5. paulcondo says:

    make sure you wear a collar shirt thy made my wife buy one a pair of shorts that maybe Your Mom would wear


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