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Q&A: Golf, anyone?

Question by odd: Golf, anyone?
Ya know, I used to think that golf is so boring, but now I’m seriously taking up on it. It started out as a company thing. My boss talked me into a company tournament, and I was just trying to patronize him. But I’m really liking it now. Being out there on the green field on a beautiful day, surrounded by trees with a little bit of water, a little bit of sand, here and there; a picturesque scenery, it’s great. And when you’re out there with a partner and all the other golfers are at a distance away, you really feel the privacy, even though you’re out in the open, that’s also so great. It really promotes conversations. Now I know why people like to talk business over a golf game, it just makes it so enjoyable. I also know now why a lot old couples like to golf together. Anyway…so I guess I just wanted to share this with everyone and ask everyone a question: Golf, anyone? 🙂

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Answer by link_boi
I love to golf… it’s one of the best feelings to be out on a golf course…

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7 Responses to “Q&A: Golf, anyone?”

  1. theamishboy says:

    yes, I agree with all you said except it used to be boring. I loved golf as a kid and I started caddying when I was nine years old. Thanks for your description of golf!

  2. gsschulte says:

    yeah i like it too. never have anyone to go with up here but i get out to the driving range everry once in a while when im not fishing or hiking never enough time for fun

  3. andyingreece says:

    No thanks. Far too slow for me.

  4. greentea88 says:

    I love to play golf!! Although there aren’t much girls who love to play golf. But i do! 🙂

  5. Caleb_liu says:

    If you enjoy it because of the picturesque scenery and the trees and water and the lovely surroundings then perhaps you should take up walking or hiking instead. You get even more of a chance to appreciate nature without having to worry about a tree being an impediment to your line to the Green. As Oscar Wilde said: “Golf is nothing but a good walk spoiled”.

    Then again, Golf is a very enjoyable sport and it is a wonderful form of socializing, so I can see why you enjoy it.

  6. plsme says:

    Yes, me I loved golf for 3 years.

  7. funk0311 says:

    yes sir, it’s the greatest game ever played!


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