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Q&A: Do you consider golf to be exercise?

Question by jim: Do you consider golf to be exercise?
I went to my doctor the other day and the nurse asked me if I exercise. I said “Yes, I play alot of golf…” She laughed and sid “Golf isn’t exercise !”

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It is good exercise if you carry or drag your bag and don’t take a golf cart.

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2 Responses to “Q&A: Do you consider golf to be exercise?”

  1. mlr says:

    Ask the Nurse to walk (fast) an 18 hole golf course and swing a club at the same time….bet she changes her mind!

  2. BenC says:

    Provided that you leave the golf cart at the clubhouse, golf is mostly walking.

    Walking is exercise.

    Golf, therefore, is exercise.

    Most doctors recommend walking as a primary form of exercise for the average person, and if you play a few rounds of golf per week you easily exceed the typical weekly exercise recommendation.


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