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How much should i sell my golf cart for?

Question by xbox 360: How much should i sell my golf cart for?
my golf cart is mint.
has hard top.
has towe ball, can towe up to 800 pounds.
but need 6, 6volt batteries
i dont know how much they go for and the golf cart was given to me.

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Answer by whtsthislif4
where are you located? My aunt and uncle need a golf cart to travel up and down their long driveway. they are fairly old and the commute to the mailbox is killing them. Not sure what you should sell it for but if it’s reasonable and the golf cart works well you maybe able to sell it to them. My email of course is
The fact that your cart is already equipped to tow things is great too.

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2 Responses to “How much should i sell my golf cart for?”

  1. rakapur2002 says:

    i’ll buy it for $ 200

  2. floridaman39us says:

    I assume it is electric powered. Gas powered units sell for more moola.


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