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How much of your enjoyment of golf is game versus environment?

Question by J: How much of your enjoyment of golf is game versus environment?
With fishing for instance, the fun is being on the lake or sea, drinking a beer, relaxing. Catching the actual fish is fun but that’s not the only source of gratification. What’s the balance in golf?

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Answer by bustersmycat-RIP
personally, I get a lot of pleasure from the relaxing atmosphere, the tranquility and greenery, but it is not the dominant factor. it is definitely an important factor though. And I fish for much the same line of thinking, I enjoy fishing, getting that occasional catch (just like making that occasional great shot in golf), but it is the atmosphere that makes the entire experience and not just the activity.

But I am not a serious golfer, I am a bogie golfer that shoots in the 80s or 90s for the most part. Serious golfers (several in my family) are really driven by the golf and not the relaxation it allows.

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11 Responses to “How much of your enjoyment of golf is game versus environment?”

  1. paulcondo says:

    the doctor told me I need to walk more so i took up golf

  2. Karla says:

    I was born with a golf club in my hand. I don’t feel whole unless I am playing. I was a great player as a child and and adolescent. I had a chance to play beside Christy Mcpherson growing up. I have a great athletic ability with all sports really but Golf is the only sport that I feel I was destined to play. I am going into the Program next spring and plan to be one of the few females in the PGA. I want to teach now it has become my passion and my life. Anything else to me is small potatoes. What I know is that when I am on the course I am myself. No fakeness, No lies, No hiding. When you play golf it is definitely you against the conditions. In all aspects. Most amateurs really battle with themselves then they battle the elements. the only difference between the Pro’s and us are that they can handle there emotions. So to sum it up I would say that its game verses emotions verses environment. Hope this helps

  3. BOBCAT says:

    My enjoyment is the game, each course is different and ranks from good to bad, but splitting a driver down any fairway, and birding a tough hole is a great feeling. My challenge has been to use my game on any course , sometimes I fail but the beauty is in the game not the scenery .

  4. Robert Eubanks says:

    Sure, we all appreciate golf for a number of different reasons. However, Ben Hogan once said that anyone that states that they are happy with their game is a lie. We all, on some level, like the great shots and would like to improve or score the best round of our lives.

    If not, we would just be hikers or nature trail walkers. Same scenery, but for free. Oh and beer and relaxing can be done on a couch.

    So I always say that you will enjoy golf more if you learn to play it better. All the time that some recreational golfer spend playing, it makes no sense not to become good at the game.

    That why I started to give golfers an avenue to learn the game one small step at a time.

  5. ekkkkoman says:

    i play in what we would call perfect conditions in texas 70 /80 degrees light winds perfectly mancured picture book fairways ans greens.however would swop you all day long for a breezy day on birkdale or any liincs co.the scenery and challengingconditons are the reasonsthe yanks flock over, so environment is mre thn 50% of the in killarney and you got some of the worlds top fishing as well

  6. Pixie Chick says:

    I guess the word enjoyment is open for interpretation. I think many of us enjoy golf, I think when your expectations take over, the game becomes less enjoyable and more stressful. I also think that many golfers golf more for the challenge vs the enjoyment; honestly some days suck! But then, other days you look like you’re ready for Q-school. So, enjoyment might not be the perfect word, more like a quasi addiction, a battle of mind and body. Some people thrive on stress. I believe it has a lot to do with how serious you are with it. If you go out golfing with a 12pk of beer and your buddies, it’s enjoyment 50/50.

    For me, 80% is enjoyment of the game, 20% enjoyment of the environment. When I’m having a bad game, then I just turn it around and enjoy the environment 80%….the worst day of golf is better than the best day at work. I love my job, but I love golf and the outdoors more.

    Tomorrow I will be playing in a Celebrity Tournament hosted by Marshall Faulk, a fun, best- ball, charity for kids, playing with NFL, MBL a few TV/Media Celebs guys/gals at a beautiful course in Temecula, Ca. I think in this instance my focus will just be enjoyment of the environment.

    I expect the balance….or key in this scenario is you’re a recreational fisherman…it’s relaxation to you, full or empty handed you are there to chill, unwind.
    Recreational golfers probably feel much like you do, it’s all about relaxation, joy ride and legal to drink, it’s enjoyment; Par or Hockey Stick.
    When you ask this question to a competitive fisherman (The Deadliest Catch) or a Competitive/League/Tournament Golfer you’ll get a different answer.

  7. grapejuice says:

    If you golf with a regular group of buddies, you develop incredibly close friendships, so I think the fun is there. The game itself continues to be frustrating, but once in a while, you hit a perfect shot.

    The other thing about the game is when you get in the zone, you really focus, and shut out all the other junk in your life, so it is calming in that sense.

  8. Dimitri says:

    well it depends on the level of golfer. i love the enviornment up untill i tee off. i am 5 hdcp and when im having a shit day, dont talk to me. when im having a good day, ill be your best friend

  9. green_lantern66 says:

    If environment isn’t important, why are courses charging $ 100+ for one round of golf? No matter what level of golfer you are, it’s a 50/50 relationship.

    Pros have courses they love and hate, for whatever reasons. They obviously like the game, as well, or else they wouldn’t have worked as hard as they did to get to where they are.

    Amateurs like to challenge themselves. It’s an ego thing. Once all the benchmarks like getting a driver’s license, buying Lotto Tickets, cigarettes and alcohol are gone, and you’ve moved on from school, there aren’t many inner challenges left. Golf is one of them. Can you break your all-time score? Can you drive that short par 4 this time?

    As for environment, like I said earlier, if it wasn’t important, why would most (not all, but enough of us) amateurs expect their local tracks to look like Augusta National, Pebble Beach, or any other Tour stop? Why would they pay those ridiculously high greens fees for the “real deal”?

  10. Robert says:

    fishing is too cold, i hate all hooks golf or not, and hate eating what i catch. golf is fun with or without partners, i challenge myself physically and mentally. i walk and listen to my ipod or lost in my thoughts, look for golf balls, taking pictures of fungis

  11. Nadire Khan says:

    I am a bogie golfer that shoots in the 80s or 90s for the most part. Serious golfers (several in my family) are really driven by the golf and not the relaxation it allows.


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