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How do you size golf clubs?

Question by Matt R: How do you size golf clubs?
How do you find golf clubs that fit you well?

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Answer by chane
Go to local golf pro shops and check if they do fittings.

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  1. jon says:

    if your just starting out you want at least 2 inches hanging between your hands n your body then eventually you ll move back o nthe club n have more power

  2. Jezza+ says:

    most golf stores fit people 4 clubs. getting fitted for the right equipment is essential to playing good golf.

    hope this helps

  3. pinoy-ako says:

    You can go to golf club for club fitting. Try Golfsmith or Golf Galaxy they offer free club fitting if your going to buy new clubs. If you planning to buy Ping Club Sets try the link below just couple of measurement and you can find the right club sets for you. Good Luck!


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