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How do you calculate your handicap in golf?

Question by MEGATRON: How do you calculate your handicap in golf?
I’m extremely new to golf to the point as to where I am about to go buy a set of clubs next week. I saw on the scorecard handicap. How is that calculated….is it similar to calculating your bowling handicap?

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Answer by Roy Boy
It’s very simple. Play five rounds of golf, add your scores together, and get your average score. Subtract 72 from your average. That is your handicap. Ex. Average of 95 minus 72 = Handicap of 23.

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  1. Zeeraq says:

    The formula used to calculate handicap is much more complicated than some people think. Here’s a link that explains it pretty well

  2. Solomon Grundy says:

    Roy Boy is wrong by a long shot. First off, you need to have a minimum of 20 scores before you can accurately calculate your handicap. This is a handicap calculator I’ve


  3. Jim says:

    the term handicap is used for each hole on a scorecard to assess the difficulty of each hole in relation to the other. so the number 1 handicap hole (not usually hole #1) is said to be the hardest to score par on; 18 is the easiest to score par on, etc.. these designations are used for matches involving golfers of different abilities and not pros. if you are a 16 handicap and i am a 12 handicap, you get a stroke removed from your gross score on the first 4 handicap holes; this allows us to have an “even” match.
    and remember that “par” is what the expert golfer should score, not most golfers; american vernacular has made par sound like average or boring, but in golf this is not so.

    and there is also the golfers handicap (index), which is a calculation to determine someones POTENTIAL ability to score, not their average. has the formula

  4. Rob says:

    There’s many ways it can be done. The simplest way is the following.

    1. Keep track of your last 20 rounds
    2. After each round use a handicap calculator to calculate your differencial for each round. Use the link below. Simply type in the course rating and slope (designated on the scorecard) and then type in your score. It will give you a number (ex. 12.5) write that down.
    3. Once you have 20 rounds completed take the lowest 10 scores. Note: These should be the lowest 10 scores the handicap calculator gives you. It is possible that you could shoot a higher score at a certain course and still get a lower handicap score. Make sure you take the lowest 10 scores calculated by the handicap system.
    4. Add up your 10 best scores and divide by 10. The result is your handicap.

  5. Golf 'n Pix says:

    What you see on the scorecard labeled “handicap” is a numerical representation of the difficulty of the golf hole. Handicaps on holes are from 1 through 18 (18 holes). 1 handicap is the “hardest” hole, relative to the others. 18 is the “easiest”. These are calculated by how a scratch player would score on the hole. it’s broken down from the course rating – which is a number assigned to each set of tees at a course. It may be higher or lower than the alotted par for the course. The hole handicaps are also used to calculate your net score in a handicapped competition. Say you’re a 10 handicap. You get a stroke cushion on each hole that has a handicap 10 or lower. 11-18 you play straight up.

    To calculate your golf handicap, you need to use the USGA formula:

    Handicap Differential = (Adjusted Gross Score – USGA Course Rating) x 113 / Slope Rating

    You do this for each of your last 20 scores. Take the 10 BEST (lowest) differentials and add them together, divide by 10, then multiply by .96 – This is your handicap index. It will be used to calculate your course handicap using the assigned slope and rating.

    You can check the sites below if you don’t have 20 scores yet. You only use a certain number if you have less than 20.

  6. Garrett Schneider says:

    Take your 20 last rounds, use the best 10 of those 20 and average it out of how many over par you were and that will give you the handicap for that course. There is algorithms to get your handicap from your course to other courses, search golf handicap calculator on google for that, you will have to enter the slope rating and enter in all your scores for that.

    Simple way if you just want it for your course and don’t want to do a bunch of calculations. Take what you usually shoot, no really high schools and no lights out rounds included, and minus 2 or three from it that should give you your handicap approximately.


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