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How do the Major golf tournaments work?

Question by Billy Shat: How do the Major golf tournaments work?
I don’t golf or follow golf. After playing on Thursday and Friday to make the cut, do the players start off from 0 again, or do they keep their scores and start where they left off on Friday?

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Answer by Nicholas
No, the golf players keep their current score.

Example: if Bill had a -1 after two rounds, his score in start of the third round would be -1.

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  1. Jepchamp says:

    They work the same way as other tournaments. Players who make the cut and play on the weekend keep their scores, and they are paired that way–in other words, the better your score, the later you tee off. The pairings are then reconfigured on Sunday morning so that, again, the leaders play last.

  2. bryan3X6X0 says:

    keep there scores. It’s a marathon not a race.

  3. Steve915 says:

    The same as most regular tournaments.

    There’s always a cut after the first 2 rounds and the remaining players just continue playing on the weekend, with the scores from Thursday and Friday both counting.

  4. Robert S says:

    Whoever has the lowest score wins.


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