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How competitive is girls high school golf?

Question by hurricane: How competitive is girls high school golf?
I’m asking, because next year my school is trying to set up a girls golf team for next year (I’m currently a freshman in highschool). I somehow made it on to the boys jv team at my school, so how competitive is varsity girls golf compared to this? What can the average girl shoot? Do they normally play from the ladies tees?

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Answer by oharahockey12
Well I’m a freshman in school too (boy) and i was thinking about going out but i just started golfing and heard golf is very competitive. I’m not sure exactly how far but my aunt hits about 180-200 on a good hit but i’m not completely sure. Most likly you will hit from the ladies tee’s hence girls golf haha. hope this helps good luck!

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  1. Jeff A says:

    I play golf for my high school(im a boy) and am still in middle school but my team is very competitive and so are the other schools. Girls golf is a little less competitive and they normally play from the ladies tees.

  2. Kaley says:

    im on my schools varsity girls team and we always hit from the red tees during matches and practice and most tournaments, but here and there we play a tournament on whites, but its rare.
    where im from girls golf isnt nearly as competitive as boys but i think average for a good team is 40 something on a nine(we usually just play nine in a match), but some schools dont have players that break the 50s.
    i really recommend you try out, maybe get some lessons first. its a really good opportunity to learn a sport that you can play your entire life and since its usually a small team you have the opportunity to make good friends.

  3. recklesssss says:

    im a sophmore and i play for varsity. Girls golf is nowhere near as competitive as boys but you still might have a few good girls in high school at can shoot par. i usually shoot about a 43 for nine holes. we never play the full 18. and yes, we do play from the ladies tees. If you play in an area with alot of golf clubs and courses, it might be a little more competitive.

  4. Golfprimadonna says:

    on saturday i played a tournament from the ladies tee ( i’m 11years old) and I shot 2 over par and won first place. At this golf course ( Shandin Hills) In san bernadino , california


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