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HELP! Rules & more for High School Golf?

Question by James: HELP! Rules & more for High School Golf?
im doing a project on high school golf.. and i dont play it alot so can someone please help and tell me the rules and regulations for golf? you can email me at thank you very much

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Answer by harrison101
It depends on where you live as it can vary by state. For example I live in Oregon so the rules are on this webpage .

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  1. Lawrie says:

    There is one set of rules for the sport of golf.

    Here is a link to the Rules of golf on the USGA website:

  2. Texas says:

    Basic rules- Count every stroke (even if you swing and miss), hole all putts (no gimmies, make sure the ball actual falls into the hole and stays in the bottom, don’t ground your club in hazards (usually water or heavily wooded areas, these will be marked by red or yellow lines) and sand traps, out of bounds (marked by white lines) or a lost ball is a stroke and distance penalty (go back to where you hit the last shot and re-hit with a penalty [the saying goes OB, re-tee, hitting three])

    High school formatting is similar in most states:
    5 member team. The four best scores are used to create a team total (220 and under is a solid score for a good team playing in a 18 hole tournament)
    The lowest team score wins

    For more specifics email me at


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