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HELP on golf!?

Question by 소녀시대 팬: HELP on golf!?
What is the time limit to golf?
how do you earn points in golf?
how many points can you earn at a time?
how do you win golf?

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Answer by horhey1622
There is no time limit but they will tell you to speed up if you are 2 slow and the people playing behind you catches up 2 your group. A birdie is minus 1 stroke from par. Par is even. Example if you are on a par 4 the course expects you to have the ball in the cup by your 4th stroke. Any number over par is aplus and you don’t want those. Eagle is -2 than double eagle which is -3. There is a few more but to long to write. Winner is most strokes under par. So if the course is a par 72 the player with the most strokes under 72 wins that day but it is laid out over a 4 day event. Your score carries over to the next day and so on.

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  1. think about it says:

    get a book on golf good luck Daniel sun!!!

  2. U Can't Handle The Truth says:

    Wow! yahoo golf rules there is to much to explain.


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