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Has Tom Fazio & Jack Nicklaus actually hurt golf?

Question by birdieboy: Has Tom Fazio & Jack Nicklaus actually hurt golf?
Their high maintance yet pretty golf courses have correlated into high green fees. As a result, the number of golfers have declined, and golf courses are struggling financially. Can golf survive these lush waterfall filled golf courses?

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Answer by thefistofdoom
Great question. I think golf will survive. But as for the “garden of eden” courses, they can survive without my business. Even when my finances allow me, I don’t pay $ 100 for greens fees. That’s rediculous. I pay anywhere between $ 18 and $ 30-something, and the courses I can find are normally very well maintained.

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5 Responses to “Has Tom Fazio & Jack Nicklaus actually hurt golf?”

  1. talkintrashnow says:

    No, you can’t blame them. People pay $ 100 for a round of golf, so $ 100 it is.

  2. Ohio_Golfer34 says:

    This is a pretty deep question for Yahoo answers! To see this alongside, “what’s your favorite club”, and “how high do I tee my ball”, is quite a surprise!

    I have actually played a couple of Nicklaus designed courses, the last one being Glenmoor Country Club in Canton….and my feelings are that Jack designs his courses for a variety of players….they will usually have a lot of tees and a generous landing area for tee shots, and his hallmark is huge sloping greens (which Glenmoor has in abundance).

    As far as green fees go….all the Nicklaus courses I have played have been private and someone else picked up the tab….but here in Ohio anyway, you can still play 18 holes with cart on the weekend for less than $ 50.00, which I know in some areas is like dirt cheap… around here the large ‘name’ designers haven’t driven up prices….but like the old adage says, “you get what you pay for!”

    Good question….

  3. toughnottobeacynic says:

    Golf will survive these lush, water filled golf courses. Green fees are predicated on whatever the market will bear. Myrtle Beach, SC found out the hard way. They are now converting some of the lush, water filled golf courses into condos. They simply built too many courses.

  4. pgarox says:

    No, they haven’t hurt golf in this respect. It’s supply and demand, my friend. If people are willing to pay the high greens fees, they get on. If not, they don’t.

    There are hundreds and thousands of quality golf courses which are affordable to play. And folks will play them. The courses which can’t survive won’t.

    But golf lives on. It always has and always will.

  5. Alasdair W says:

    Yes it can survive,but i think it is still kind of an elitist sport in this country.I grew up in Scotland and there were so many inexpensive courses that were public and owned by the town
    that everyone had the chance to play the game. The game in this country needs some kind of movement to make the game more open to everyone. The PGA and USGA need to be the driving force.I wonder where all the First Tee kids are going to play golf when they become adults.


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