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golfing as a date?

Question by gopackgo51: golfing as a date?
There is a girl i like at school. Do you think that going golfing is a good way to spend time together to talk about things. She also likes to golf.

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Answer by abercrombie_fitch_1892_01
get in there like swimwear buddy

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6 Responses to “golfing as a date?”

  1. chels says:

    duuuude. draw on the sidewalk with chalk or go swing. just have fun with her/him.

    it’ll be remembered more than golf. 🙂

  2. cknksmom2 says:

    I always liked going MINI GOLFING with my husband. It’s always good for a laugh and a good ice breaker.

  3. missgennie says:

    as long as its something you think she will also enjoy I say go for it. if you dont want to fall into the just friends zone you need to do something to make sure she knows this is a date and not just hanging out with a friend.

  4. Blah Blah says:

    You might get arrested for indecent exposure if you f*** on the greens.

  5. freckleface_taytay2010 says:

    ahhh no way! thats a major bore. take her to an old fashioned drive in . eat somewhere on the beach. go horseback riding. bungee jumping. ^^ i agree
    have fun

  6. Va_Beach_Kitty says:

    I went on a golf date before and enjoyed driving the cart and I brought some good food in a cooler and some nice beverages… it was a blast. I watched and did not play… but I did not mind – I was hanigng with my honey. It turned me on watching him play anyway…. wanted to take him out in the woods for a golf break! I only flashed him a few times instead – but it crossed my mind.


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