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Golf scoring?

Question by Jahova Witness: Golf scoring?
can someone explain how golf is scored

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Answer by bgeorge
Well golf for the most part is scored by every stoke that you take and your score is based on “par”. For example if the hole is a par 4 and it takes you 5 strokes that’s a bogey or 1 over. Some of the score names are (in order or least to greatest)
Double Eagle/Albatross(Usually heard in Europe)-3 under par
Eagle-2 under par
Birdie-1 under par
Bogey-1 over
Double Bogey-2 over
and so on.
Also there are penalties for hitting the ball in certain areas. As with any game there are many rules but for the most part people worry about “water hazards” and “out of bounds”. For example if you hit into water its a 2 stroke penalty. Out of bounds can be the same but if you find your ball that is “out of bounds” you can still hit it. There are some more penalties that affect your shots but are more complex and don’t happen very often. If you are looking for more detailed on scoring please ask. I hope this helps.

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  1. ¸.•*´`*♥ ♫OWEN FREY ♫♥*´`*•.¸ says:

    what i do is id add up me scores ill give you an example for 9 holes

    1st par 3- 2
    2nd par 5- 4
    3rd par 4- 5
    4th par 5- 6
    5th par 3- 3
    6th par 5- 4
    7th par 4- 3
    8th par 5- 5
    9th par 5- 6

    firt i’d add them up witch is 38

    i take it from my 23 handicap whitch is

    if you dont play handicap just add up your score
    i hope i helped you


  2. Golf Nut TL says:

    The basic scoring for golf is the number of strokes you used to complete the course. Full size courses are 18 holes and smaller ‘executive’ courses are 9 holes.
    For each hole, there is a ‘standard’ number of strokes to go from the point you first hit the ball (tee box) until you put the ball in the hole. This is called ‘Par’. Generally speaking, the longer the distance between the tee box and the hole, the higher the Par. A Par 3 hole is anything up to about 280 yards, Par 4 goes as far as 490 and Par 5 goes really far (up to 600 yards), every now-and-then, some courses might have a Par 6 hole. The ‘Par’ for the course is the sum of all the Par numbers for the holes. 18 hole courses usually have a par 69 to 73, meaning it will take that many strokes to complete the course.
    So if it took you 5 strokes to get from the tee box to the hole on a Par 4, we say you are 1 over Par.
    So… let’s say you hit 1 over Par on every hole, that’s 18 strokes over. If the course is a Par 72, your score would be 72+18=90.
    There are also penalty strokes in Golf for ‘screw-ups’ such as hitting it in to the water, out of bounds, lost ball, violation of the rules…etc. Usually the penalty is to add 1 or 2 strokes to the number of strokes for that hole.
    Some terminology relating to strokes against Par on a hole:
    Double Eagle/Albatross = 3 under Par for the hole
    Eagle = 2 under Par
    Birdie = 1 under Par
    Par = well… that Par
    Bogey = 1 over Par
    Double Bogey = 2 over Par
    Triple Bogey = 3 over Par… and so on for Bogeys
    For Golfers that keep scores and maintain a ‘handicap’ index, the scoring is a bit more complicated because we adjust for special conditions and abnormal performances. That’s too complicated for here.
    In tournaments and competitive Golf, the final score (Net Score) for your round is the total number of strokes you recorded (gross score) minus your (golf course adjusted) handicap index.


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