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Golf question.?

Question by jmboyd99: Golf question.?
Greg Norman said “Golf is a four letter word.”
Mark Twain said ”Golf is a good walk spoiled.”
Tom Watson said ”Golf to me is not a business, it’s an artform, and we have the largest gallery.”

After reading these three quotes I came up with two of my own.

1. Golf is the first drive and the last putt. Everything in between is controled chaos.

2. Golf is a white collar sport played with a blue collar attitude.

My question is, Do you have any quotes about golf or do you have one you thought of yourself?

I’m interested more in the ones you make up and the best answer will get the 10 points.

Ready, set ….. GO!

Best answer:

Answer by wbaker777
I think Gary Mc Cord said it best……”Golf is a stupid stupid game”……..Maybe thats why we love it so.

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2 Responses to “Golf question.?”

  1. Sabres/Bills#1fan says:

    In golf u need alot of 3 things.
    1. Money


    3.Golf balls

  2. LOOK INWARD says:

    These are mine:
    “Golf spelled backwards is “Flog”… that is what they should have done to it’s creator!”

    “On the seventh day God played Golf”

    “Swing to live… Live to swing!”

    Hit’em Straight


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