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Golf Lovers?

by dgeert

Question by Sammy G: Golf Lovers?
I am looking for good golf gifts for my finace. I have already gotten him a new set of clubs, a new bag, matching towels and now I am out of ideas. Does anyone know of anything I can get him??

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Answer by Squat1
If you have E-Bay excess to to “golf”, lots and lots of ideas.

Go to “goggle” to “golf gifts”, again lots and lots of ideas.

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14 Responses to “Golf Lovers?”

  1. SLOLouDog says:

    Some sweet golf threads. A slick golf jacket would be nice with the off season approaching. Check out for great ideas too.

  2. No_Fat_Chicks says:

    Pro V1’s or double mercerized high end shirts will work.

  3. kennystreets says:

    One thing you could get him is flavored tees.

  4. Adam says:

    Go to this site, tons of gifts for the golfer in your life.

  5. Deano7275 says:

    “Golf By Design” This is a book written by Robert Trent Jones Jr., one of the great golf course architechts of the modern era. It helps a player to understand course design features, defenses, and outlines strategies on how to “read” a golf course and its design features. It focuses on course management skills and how to undertand the best route around the course, and how course designers incorporate hidden features that can take a golfer by surprise. Knowing all of these secrets can significantly lower a golfers score and make a round of golf more of an “intellectual” than physical game.

  6. brenda st says:

    wow how long has he been your fiance that you have been able to get him soo many expensive items

    if you can afford it a couples golf trip to his favorite teachers group sessions

  7. Joseph B says:

    If he is really into golf and he has buddies that golf and you know the wives or girlfriend then get him tickets to the tpc at sawgrass or the Masters. He would love it..depending on your financial limits..

  8. alan w says:

    Golf balls, membership for your local golf club, indoor putting machine, Wind cheetah jacket, water proofs (jacket and trousers) golf shoes. T’s to put the ball on. electric trolley for bag.

  9. Beau D. Satva says:

    A subscription to a golf magazine he doesn’t subscribe to already.

  10. Scott W says:

    Go with the Gortex rain suit. Any avid golfer might have to finish or begin a round in the rain. It can also be used for other events as well such as football games or going on walks when it might be raining. I also use mine during the winter months when playing.

  11. beau b says:

    ya gloves or little accesories that attatch to your bag and other fun little things that make a golf player!!

  12. vdrive_60 says:

    Kick him to the curb and buy me some new stuff.

  13. puffymail says:

    Hey, if u have given so many golf related gift, maybe a non-golf present will be a better SURPRISE!

  14. golfingkiwi says:

    Take him to a golf resort spa, he golfs during the day you get pampered… then at night you together… perfect!


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