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Golf is it a great sport?

Question by Zach: Golf is it a great sport?
Can you tell me why golf is either a great sport or a crap sport

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Answer by ***pretty momma***
It is hard for me to decide that because I do not play golf. It seems very boring to me but I am sure others will say it is relaxing.

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  1. wbaker777 says:

    I suppose its more of a Love or hate sport. You either like it or you don’t…….Kinda like any other sport really. Some do….some don’t.

  2. nickygirl_3 says:

    Good sport! Takes alot of time though, but very challenging and relaxing. Oh, pricey too…. join a club? Lots of play opportunity.

  3. anonymous says:

    it is a great sport because it is a challenging sport. im talking about amateurs here. if i go out and play baseball im gonna have to change the direction the ball is going but i can do that and 95% of the time i can make the ball go where i want it to. in golf, the ball is not moving, teed up and ready to hit, yet it is so much harder to get the ball close to where you are aiming

  4. sally says:

    Golf is definitely a great sport. I was fortunate enough to be at the playoffs in Atlanta this past week end, and to see that kind of talent, and history in the making was really great!

  5. vdrive_60 says:

    Golf is the greatest sport on the planet for one simple reason: You compete against yourself. You are constantly challenging yourself to be a better player, rather than competing against an opponent. In golf, the course and conditions are the “opponent”, and you must adjust to them. I have just as much fun playing alone as I do with my buddies in a foursome.
    The enjoyment of the game comes from all the frustrations, challenges and satisfactions involved with your own personal goals. You can take risks and reap rewards or suffer failures. Each shot, hole and round is another opportunity to achieve something. The fact that golf is a such difficult game to “master” makes it all the more better.
    As Roy McAvoy said, “Perfection is unattainable”. But it is sure fun to try.

  6. giantdwarfbat says:

    lets see. you a ball the ouldoors ,what more could you ask for ? a cold beer thats what and you can have that on the corse too.
    golf is chalengeing , and relaxing .
    try going to a driving range and whack a couple hundred balls ,play some mini golf (aka puttputt)
    give this a couple goes ,if you like the out doors and a relaxing sport that chalenges you ,then your gona be hooked expecialy after you stand on the range and smash a ball some 250 yards or more
    give it a go its a BLAST!

  7. BP says:

    Because you can play for tons of different reasons and none of them are wrong and anyone can do it well or poorly: play by yourself to practice and improve or just to enjoy being outside, play for business, play with friends for fun or competition, play to win money , you can learn alot about yourself and others by how they play the game. I have earned jobs on the course, gained friends and won money.

    Walking involves fitness, riding is relaxing. It’s becoming vogue to play but you can be a purist and also play for the love of the game. You can play with totally used equipment or buy new stuff. Play by your own rules or the official ones – it can be unstructured fun or strict guidelines….

    It’s a great game whose lessons transcend playing into life.

  8. GB says:

    As an ex golf-hater….(spent 30 years playing competitive tennis.)

    1 – outdoors
    2 – peaceful
    3 – FAR more difficult than it looks
    4 – requires an ability to observe your own movements and modify them in order to get the ball to do what you want
    5 – highly mental, not just physical
    6 – doesn’t require a team
    7 – can be played in a small group and can be enjoyed for the comradarie alone
    8 – practice won’t make perfect, but will always make you better
    9 – First great shot will get you buzzed
    10 – second great shot will get you hooked
    11 – first birdie wll get you addicted
    12 – REALLY a great date if the other is at leased in the buzzed stage
    13 – GREAT tool to teach kids skills an behaviors that will last forever, get them knowledge of people and a tool for business.
    14 – can teach your 7 year old son how to drive
    15 – Daughter and Dad Days
    16 – Having your wife say, “lets go play a quick 9”
    17 – worst course still is a better view than any office
    18 – First 300 yard drive
    19 – 50 foot put that drops
    20 – ASK yourself this… Why are Jordan, Gretzky, Gerry Rice, Elway, hooked on this game?

    These folks have more money that god, don’t EVER want to be put in a situation where they look silly, YET they do it at will on the golf course. They are 100% hooked on this sport.

    Golf requires a really open mind. The want to start a new phase of life where you have to be able to say, I suck at this, but I WANT to learn it and get better. The movements are different, yet so close to the same as in other sports (baseball, tennis, hockey, etc.) YET, since these all require power, they all hinder the ability of a golfer. Golf is about pace, rythym, and the smooth delivery of mass. It is not smashing, violent or fast (even though is looks like it on TV.)

    So, it is the opposite of most sports, yet taxes the mind and body (hey walk 7 miles at fast pace…) and then try to smoothly put.

  9. CDL says:

    its a great sport when you do good, and a crappy sport when you get frustrated.

  10. Jason G says:

    Golf is the only sport that when you turn 50 you can still play professionally. It teaches sportsmanship differently than any other sport. It is a great sport.

  11. Major Tom says:

    As the ball is stationary and you are on your own you only have yourself to blame for a poor shot.
    At his peak Nicklaus said he was always nervous on the first tee.
    3/4hours of concentration [5 in USA]
    Friendly atmosphere [in Scotland anyway]

  12. SWAT says:

    Great To Me. Ive Been playing Since I Was 9 Im 43 Now. Ive Played Baseball, Hockey And Softball At A Fairly High Level And Find Golf To Be The Most Fun, Though It Can Be Quite A Pain In The Butt Too. It Also Can Be A Family Game Too As I Have Played Along With My Dad And 2 Bros.

  13. Grant M says:

    its a great sport because you have to have strategy and be able to hit the ball

  14. realme says:

    It’s a good activity and povides lots of networking/social contacs. I do not quite cal if a sport since there is not much elevation in heart rate. Driving a golf cart makes it less so.

    It is expensive compared to other sports(tennis, basket badd, base ball).

    Many people love it to a point that theyonly golg and watch golf on TV, they get obbsessed with it. I have lost a lot of old friends to golf. We have othing in common now.

    You are out in the sun a lot and it my cause skin problems. You can play it all over the world. In some country club settings it is nearly mandatory to play golf to fit in.

    I think gold is a great activity but mny people end up drawn to play – like addiction to gambling – they think the get the birdie or hole in one next time.


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