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Can you golf in the rain?

Question by Cam P: Can you golf in the rain?
I love to golf at the contry club

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Answer by G S
well you might not want to hit it in the rough and get hit by lightning.let me know how ever thing works out for you.i will be watching the obits for a couple of days

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7 Responses to “Can you golf in the rain?”

  1. thegospodinofffamily says:

    You can, but most courses won’t allow it.

  2. mike t says:

    Yes you can if you wanted too. Golf courses don’t care either, they might not let you if there is lightning but just rain it’s no problem.

  3. inside and out says:

    yes, i just finished lol

  4. Eddie Mix says:

    rain=yes lightning=no and if you play in lightning make sure you lay flat on the ground

  5. M V says:

    Sure, you can play in the rain. You’ll need rainwear of course, included special rain gloves. Your grip will be the major problem.
    If there is lightning, then the answer is always NO.

  6. fefe says:

    yep, but its dangerous if there’s lightning…

    but otherwise its just muddy and gross cuz if you accidentally make a divot and stuff…then you got a crapload of mud to wipe off your club, it’s just a big hassle playing in the rain. eghh i hate it haha.

  7. googie says:

    Doesn’t it all depend on the severity of the rain? If the course is inundated with rain which can make some holes unplayable, certainly NO! If there is steady rain but the course is still playable , there is no reason why you can’t play except for slippery grips, the hassle of umbrellas and towels to keep clubs and player dry. Many a club tournament has been played in such conditions. If it starts to rain and there is lightening along with the storm, Get to Heck off the course , pronto!! You don’t want to be there.


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