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Blues Golfing??

Question by bluesfan1022: Blues Golfing??
What is golfing?? I heard the Blues were golfing and i dont know what that is.
i know what golfing is!
i know it is a sport but why would they be golfing insted of practicing??

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Answer by crzy_chicken0
that means they arent in the playoffs so they can go golfing.
golfing is a sport

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5 Responses to “Blues Golfing??”

  1. Autumn says:

    Yeah, the players have got nothing better to do now that their season is over, so they’re doing what hockey players do best after hockey: play golf.

  2. jay k hates band wagoners says:

    It is a sport

    Its not some strange hockey term. It means that the players are golfing (because they didn’t make the playoffs)

  3. 2eighty8 V2.0 says:

    And you just demonstrated that your school and your parents are useless like ti’ts on a nun.

  4. Plain Ol' Jeff says:

    Because they’re out of the playoffs and they have nothing to do until next year’s training camp comes around.

  5. Kate says:

    The Blues are golfing alright……..except for Manny…..that nut likes to sit around VS occasionally.


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