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Are there kid friendly golf cart communities?

Question by Kait: Are there kid friendly golf cart communities?
I am considering moving to a golf cart community but i have 2 children that are 10 months old i would buy a NEV (golf cart with seatbelts basically) but are there any golf cart communities? preferably on the east coast but please mention all that you know of


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Answer by Tessa
i dont rlly know information on this, but there are probably lots of kid friendly golf cart commmunities.

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  1. Leslie D, RN, BSN says:

    Yes! I live in one. It is in Peachtree City, GA. Lots of young families. The kids love riding in the golf carts as much as the kids. I go pick up my grandchildren on our golf cart to bring them to my house. The city has over 80 miles of golf cart paths – a person can get to stores, schools, neighborhoods, pools, restaurants, library, all by golf cart.


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