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Another Golf Question..?

Question by Matt S.: Another Golf Question..?
What usually happens on the 1st day of golf pratice??

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Answer by dahorndogd013
you hit a few balls, you lose a few balls, and the coach makes you search the water hazzards for all the balls you can find, make sure to take you snorkel and fins along

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  1. Phillip B says:

    It depends on your age. My son started golf lessons very young and they taught him the rules of golf and golf etiquette in addition to working on their swing. Enjoy

  2. Matt D says:

    Depends what kind of team you’re playing on/for. But generally, you go out to the driving range, and just hit some balls while your coach and perhaps even one of the club pros watches your swing and gives you ideas on what to work on. Depending on the nature of the problem(s) with your swing (which everyone has) you could end up with some one-on-one with your coach while other people keep practicing. He’ll probably get a feel for the way you play on the putting green as well. That’s all pretty standard. Now whether or not you actually play some golf the first day depends entirely on the coach; I’ve had some skip all the first stuff in order to cut right to the chase and analyze in-game play, and some that don’t take us out to the course for the first week.

  3. Chopper1 says:

    You learn all about the wonderful game of golf.

  4. sport stud bo says:

    they play

  5. Missy B says:

    Confusion followed by missing the ball and finish up feeling better knowing your headed in the right direction and sometimes going home with a blister on you hand

  6. Ballas says:

    You shank and duff a few balls and then you get your timing back.

  7. Doug says:

    You miss the ball a lot at first and with some golf insturction you end up getting it in the air a little. You hit just enough of them good to keep you coming back


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